Saturday, 10 November 2012

manufacture process - woven gents ring -

This variation of weaving is different from the "1 spine" technique that I mentioned in my previous post. The difference is that I didn't use 1 spine. At the end of every horizontal section that I weave, I used the last wire as the spine so that means the spine is different each time (I hope you are still with me). Because the spine is different each time, this means the woven strand will slant to the left or to the right. Its a process that will make sense once you get stuck in.

I bent the woven strand to fit my middle finger.

I used 2 strands instead of 1 to form the shank because it looks more imposing as a piece of jewellery. I'm sure i'm not the only person who thinks so.

The top of the ring is essentially a box which I manufactured using 1mm thick plates. The box cover the ends of the woven shank as well as completes the ring, of course.

The finished ring

The professionally photographed piece

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