Saturday, 10 November 2012

manufacture process -woven ladies ring-

I began with two, 3mm thick, round bars of metal, as shown in the 1st image. I bent the bars of metal into ''S'' shapes, as shown in the 2nd image.

I domed the ''S'' shaped bars so that the piece isn't flat.

 I soldered the 2 domed, "S" shaped bars together.

The weaving technique I used was the basic, ''1 spine'' technique, which, as the name suggests, has 1 spine running through the whole strand. If you look carefully you can see the 1 spine that runs through the whole strand. The spine forms a continuous "s". The spine is the stability the keeps the structure together... I hope that all makes sense.

When the woven strand eventually got long enough I used my pliers to bend it around to take the shape of the domed "S" shaped bars. I proceeded to solder the woven strand to the "S" shape structure.

The final piece

The professionally photographed piece

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