Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Sculptural ring/stand (experiment)

This is an example of of the direction I want my work to go. This is by no means a piece I will submit for final marking but it is the concept I will be running with.

This piece will not be displayed at the end of the year. I was just looking at the way in which I wanted to execute the overall theme of my pieces

I soldered 1 mm square wire in a square formation. This will form the base of the stand.

Once the base was complete I soldered the supporting beams that will hold the bottom part of the stand to the top part of the stand together.

I soldered the top part of the stand to the supporting beams.

Notice how the ring part of the structure is an exact replica of the stand. the only difference is the size. I did this so that there was continuity from the ring to the stand. This image shows how I attached the shank to the structure.

My work assumes the role of both personal adornment when worn on the body as well as visual artefact when not worn on the body. My aim is to make sure that my work does not resemble jewellery when it is not worn and is placed on its stand.

The ring and stand when they are separated.


I drew the cross section of one bar of the frame. This meant I could extrude it and copy it 4 times in order to create the frame. 

I repeated the same step as above. I made measurement alteration accordingly.

A view of the top and bottom frames when they are separated.

I created the shank by drawing a 17mm diameter circle and offsetting it outwards by 2mm. I also added the supporting middle structures for the shank to slide into.

The complete ring and stand when they are fitted together.

The complete ring and stand when they are apart.

I was not happy with just leaving the ring as it was so I added a bar in between the top frame and the shank, as illustrated above.

The addition of the bar between the top frame and shank means the ring has movement ability as I tried to illustrate above.

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